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I am an Artist.

I create stunning works of Art by embellishing my original photographs with various forms of mixed media and resin. Art has a purpose. A soul. Some makes you remember. Some can also make you yearn for what’s to come. I am passionate about capturing that “perfect moment” and then adding a rich, vibrant creative story to it with every stroke of the brush, and every drag of the knife.

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the work


Orders can be placed directly from my Catalog of work or any images from a commissioned session of your own can be enlarged and transformed into stunning wall pieces that will surely become the focal point of any space in your home — inside or out. All images are digitally retouched and then applied to a hand-crafted custom wooden frame that is then embellished with mixed media to create magnificent original works of art.   

Standard sizes: 

72 x 48”

48 x 48”   

32 x 48”

24 x 48”   

*Custom sizes are available as a special order and are priced upon request.    



I capture timeless, heartfelt portraits and evolve them into Archival Original Works of Fine Art. I am available for commissions Worldwide.

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Nice to meet you.

Drop us a line or two and let us know what you have in mind and what questions we can answer for you. We will get back to you within 24 hours of your submittal.

Thank you.