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about the artist

Brandon Luther is a Georgia native and nationally recognized American artist.  His work captures the essence of animals and wildlife in their own elements through the eye of his lens.  Brandon can best define his passion for his subjects in the words of Anthony Douglas Williams, “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul.”  

After many years working as a Creative Director with world renowned agencies such as  J. Walter Thompson, Grey Global and others, Brandon left the corporate world in search of true happiness. So in 2016, he laid down his mouse, picked up his camera and found that happiness the day he first locked eyes with a Thoroughbred named “Starzie” who is lineage of ole “Big Red” himself, “Secretariat”.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is made by his hand using a mixed-media process unique only to Brandon. His work can be found in private collections of celebrities across the country, locally at Holland McCrae and Boxwoods, as well as many other boutiques nationwide. His work can be curated from his exclusive collection or commissioned to incorporate your unique setting and prized animal to create a living piece of fine art.

Brandon lives and works with his wife Kristen and two young daughters: Riley age 12 and, Piper age 9 in Milton, Georgia.

A word from the artist

“I have always carried a soft spot in my heart for animals. Their intuition is much stronger than we give them credit for. They possess heightened senses for Family, safety and can detect a friend or foe quicker than we as humans ever will. I can’t explain how or why but, I somehow connect with these beautiful, majestic creatures on a spiritual level.  I don’t question it.  I just accept it and embrace it.”



the work


Orders can be placed directly from my Catalog of work or any images from a commissioned session of your own can be enlarged and transformed into stunning wall pieces that will surely become the focal point of any space in your home — inside or out. All images are digitally retouched and then applied to a hand-crafted custom wooden frame that is then embellished with mixed media to create magnificent original works of art.   

Standard sizes: 

72 x 48”

48 x 48”   

32 x 48”

24 x 48”   

*Custom sizes are available as a special order and are priced upon request.    



I capture timeless, heartfelt portraits and evolve them into Archival Original Works of Fine Art. I am available for commissions Worldwide.





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